Our experience and comprehensive

knowledge for urban planning

We are a comprehensive consulting company for urban planning in Japan. As the partner of the Urban Renaissance Agency, we have handled large-scale New Town development projects and other national projects. From the settling of plans to coordinating with other concerned parties, from managing an entire construction project to the after-sales maintenance, we are one of the few companies that can handle and support each phase consistently. Our greatest strength is our “technology and organizational strength,” which can provide an overall support to a wide range of fields, and our “accumulated wisdom and experience,” to create business solutions in various areas.


Five key elements in our urban planning consulting

The constant challenge in our urban planning is sustainability. We use these five key elements as our foundation.

5key elements
  • Efficient and mixed land-use
  • Sustainable development of an Eco City
  • Supporting the urban planning
  • Flexible energy management
  • Water Management Systems


Efficient and Mixed land-use

People living in cities have various goals, whether it is to settle, work, study or just have fun. We aim to respond to these various goals through an efficient and complex land use. Through sustainable urban planning, we are equipped for social environmental changes.  Given that our specialty is large-scale New Town developments and large-scale land developments, we have developed an extensive track record in handling projects that involve efficient and complex land use.


Environment-friendly, Transit-oriented

Development (TOD)

The plans we propose are for environment-friendly TODs. Even those who do not ride cars can freely walk around in an environment where there is no traffic congestion and air pollution. A place that is friendly to children and elders and especially to the environment – this is a place we strive for.


Towards a city that has water circulating richly

In such country where environment, as well as livelihood and different cultures revolve around water, we aim for a wide range of high technology and skills to tackle water problems in the cities. Water is a precious resource that nature has endowed us with. Without this blessing flowing, a sustainable society would not materialize. With high standard Japanese technology and skills, it becomes possible to create a city where water flows freely.


Constructing a flexible energy infrastructure

With the use of our comprehensive advance technologies, we will construct a flexible and expandable energy infrastructure. Through visualizing the usage of electricity, gas, water, etc., the local energy efficiency can be increased. We are also aiming to introduce more ways of saving energy and possibly a futuristic way of recycling energy.


A sustainable eco city to the world

The rise of the economies of Asian countries comes together with environmental problems which are caused by population increase and urbanization. To resolve these problems, there is a need to increase balance between the environment and the metropolis. We can offer Japanese-developed hi-tech projects, our abilities, and infrastructure construction packages in developing a sustainable eco city.



Head office location: Sus Center, 2-4-24 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Main offices: Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Okinawa

Established: May 2, 1974

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